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Why Bello Solar?


  • We provide you with simple online tools so that you can see your solar energy production 24/7
  • We provide an energy savings kit (smart thermostat and LED light package) to complement your rooftop solar
  • We give you cash bonuses when you refer your family or friends to Bello Solar


  • The Bello team provides high quality, dependable energy solutions
  • We customize your solar system to your home for maximum energy production
  • We make getting solar simple by taking care of all permits, inspections, and installation

Our experienced install teams use only tier-one products and always work hard to make sure our homeowners have a speedy and effortless solar conversion. We work with solar sales organizations to ensure their customers are treated with respect and are delighted with their results.

With Over 2,300 5-Star Reviews, See What Customers Are Saying About Bello Solar…

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Hillary H.

We had a great experience working with Bello Solar! They made getting solar so effortless! We loved working with Emma as our project manager! She kept us informed every step of the way! Overall it was a wonderful experience and we are so happy with our solar experience!

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Jose S

I had thought about going "Solar" for a while but it seemed so overwhelming. After my new home purchase, I decided to give solar a second look. From the beginning, Bello made the process so easy and understandable. They answered all my questions and kept me up to date on the process. What I once thought was going to be a complicated and overwhelming process, Bello made simple, straightforward, and their communications made me feel reassured. Five stars from me!

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Steve and Kimberly

Bello solar has been extremely helpful in setting up our solar system. The first person to contact us was Steven Pryor. He broke down the cost savings and all the taxes credits and breaks with the installation. Within 2 months our system was up and running and we are already seeing a difference in our bill! Through the process they've communicated without hesitation and have been so helpful...saving is something I've experienced within the 1st month of installation Super job Bello Solar, Keeping our environment clean.

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Rachelle B.

My solar panel system is awesome. The panels look beautiful on my home. Installation, paperwork, and turning the system on was a breeze. I’m very happy with lowering my carbon footprint.

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I have been talking about Solar Panels for my house and finally did it. Yeah!! It is a work in process. And remarkably interesting on how it all comes together. I was very impressed and excited. The process was great. From the beginning to end. Great group of people from installation, installing, each one of my panels. It was hot and the guys worked like it didn't bother them. I had to keep checking on them to make sure they did not pass out. LOL. Today, I can read and monitor my solar panels. I am so glad I made this investment. It will pay off in the long run. No matter where I am, I can monitor my panels. And this means so much to me....I would like to say to everyone that they could go solar and save money.

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Timothy & LaPonya

Our experience with Bello Solar was outstanding from beginning to end! Initially, we were skeptical about solar panels and had heard bits and pieces from others who had had terrible experiences with other companies and even regretted their decisions to have panels installed. However, Steve P, a Bello Solar dealer was very professional, friendly, explained every aspect of the process in understandable terms, provided examples, and answered the many questions that we had. My husband and I were given information on what to expect on specific dates of the process. The gentleman who performed the inside electrical work efficiently completed his task. Working with the Project Manager, Tori C., was a bonus as she made sure tasks were completed, answered even more questions than we had, and followed up with our HOA. My husband and I are pleased with our solar panels and appreciate the team of people who made this a totally awesome experience!



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